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Best Ways to Make House Paint Last Longer

Top Ways to Make Your House Painting Last Longer

Painting the interiors or exteriors of your house could involve a major investment of both time & money. Therefore, you would like to extend the overall longevity of the paint in your home. Maintaining the paint job is relatively simpler –as long as you are taking care to inspect and repair any damage done to the interior or exterior walls.

When you make sure top-notch maintenance of the interior or exterior paint of your house, your home appears great after several years –even when it has been quite a while since you have invested in the last painting project. It also delivers the overall assurance that the foundation of your house remains full-proof and strong while extending the overall life of the paint. This ensures that you can go longer between full-end painting projects –saving both time as well as money.

If you wish to flaunt the overall beauty of your home, here are some expert tips to make the house painting last longer:

Maintaining Interior Paint

· Cleaning Twice a Year: For most of the homeowners out there, cleaning the house thoroughly serves to be an annual ritual. However, when you tend to clean the wall paint at least twice a year, it will help in restricting the overall growth of fungus and mould. At the same time, it will also ensure that the house walls appear clean, fresh, and appealing all the time. Dirt, dust, and stains could be removed with the help of some soapy cleanser and a brush with soft bristles.

· Prevention of Fading: Paint is known to fade with the passage of time. This tends to occur especially when the paint is not of good quality or is exposed immensely to UV lights or dust. When you are undergoing a home wall painting project, it is recommended to make use of a good quality of paint that is capable of holding its color.

When the paint gets exposed to direct sunlight, it is going to fade away easily. Therefore, it is recommended that you should invest in top-quality window coverings to minimize the overall damage due to dust, sunlight, and pollution.

· Pay Attention to Waterproofing: Waterproofing your entire home is going to play a vital role when it comes to the overall maintenance of your home paint. Poor or lack of proper waterproofing can ruin the entire expensive paint project. Towards the end, you will be required to redo the entire paint project while spending extra money every time. Therefore, it turns out to be a practical and easier way by ensuring that your house is waterproof before you begin the paint job.

· Purchase Washable Paints: Handprints, along with other forms of smudges, are common to occur in home wall paints. One of the best ways of removing such stains is by making sure that you wipe off the same as soon as they develop in any corner of the house. You should consider investing in a top-quality washable paint sample for both the interiors as well as exteriors of your home.

Maintaining Exterior Paint

· Ensure Regular Inspections: You should aim at regularly inspecting the paint of the exteriors of your home to observe any damage or changes that could lead to a potential damage. If you come across water damage or other similar problems, you can ask some professional to repair the same.

· Dealing with Molds: The presence of moisture or humidity can result in the development of mildew or mild problems. This might go unobserved to your eyes during the initial stages. However, once damage starts building up & getting severe, it could ultimately destroy the exterior walls of your home. In such a case, it is recommended to hire some professional help that will help in preventing water damage or the formation of molds in your home’s exterior walls.

· Ensuring Pressure Washing: Once you are done with the exterior wall paint job, you will observe that after some years, there is a build-up of dust or grime along the walls. You can deal with the same with the help of pressure washing the exterior walls of the house. Pressure washing is strongly suggested in the duration of around 5-6 years after your first paint job. This can help in removing dirt as well as other contaminants that might build up over time. Pressure washing should be normal or gentle to avoid further damage to the wall paint.

If you have recently undergone a paint project for the interior or exterior of your house, it is important to know about a few vital maintenance tips to extend its overall life.

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