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Need to Know the Cost of Hiring a Painting Company?

Costs of Painting Services

Painting your home is one of the easiest and quickest ways to give your home a face-lift. Paintings improve its resale value and curb appeal. In this article, we will help you to get an accurate estimate of the home painting prices which depends on the home's type and size by splitting it into parts like interior, exterior, etc. This will enable you to understand and calculate the figure before you visit your local home improvement store.

How to calculate the costs of the painting project?

If you are going to paint your home, you must estimate your budget. For the measurement of the cost, you must decide how much paint you use. Then, you have to find your area in squares without the site used in windows, doors, etc. But, make sure to purchase some extra paint from your estimate. There are other factors you need to consider when you estimate your painting cost.

These include:

  • Painters charge.

  • Price of transport.

  • Liability insurance.

  • Several coats.

  • Painting license.

Interior Painting Cost:

You have to prepare a room for painters by removing all the furniture from the house or placing them in the center. So, painters have access to walls. Generally, Painting of interior costs an average of $1 to $4 per square foot. The average price of interior painting ranges from $ 955 to $2888.

If you have 2500 square foot home, you have to pay between $4000 to $12,000.

While considering the entire cost, you must keep in mind the prices of labor, paints, transport, numbers of coats, and so on.

Exterior Painting Cost:

Exterior Painting protects your home from extreme weather, corrosion, and other damages. A good paint job gives your home a new look and lasts for 5 to 10 years. The average cost of exterior Painting ranges between $1 to $2 per square foot. Generally, without considering any extra costs for trim windows, doors, and sliding, the average cost of the home exterior is below:

· The average price of one-story: which consists of 800 to 1800 square feet, is between$780 to $ 1,750.

· The average price of double-story: which consists of 1800 to 2400 square feet, you have to pay between $ 1,750 to $ 2,400.

· Besides the square footage and number of stories, painting contractors also consider the prep work.

Cost To Paint A Single Room:

If you have 12x 10 spaces in the room, the average cost is $400 to $450. Ceilings, baseboard, and wall repair are not included in this price. The average costs of rooms are below:

  • The average cost of the bedroom is between $350 to $850.

  • The average cost of a master bedroom is between $ 650 to $1,400.

  • The average price of a kitchen ranges from $150 to $ 260

  • The average price of the living room is between $600 to $2,100.

  • The average price of a Dining room is between $ 250 to $1,000.

  • The average price of a bathroom ranges from $145 to $400.

Painter Costs per Day

A painter charges for interior projects between $160 to $400 per day. The painter requires extra charges for the exterior as compared to the interior. The average price for exterior painting projects ranges from $200 to $600 per day.

A painter can work eight hours a day with this price. If you want more hours, you have to pay extra charges.

Painter Costs per Hour

The average price of interior projects ranges from $20 to $ 50 per hour. Exterior projects are more expensive due to bricks and stucco that require extra paints, additional supplies like ladders, etc. So, the average price for exterior projects is between $30 to $75 per hour.

Final verdict

Painting is one the quickest way to give an attractive look to your home. Suppose you are going to paint your home, and you have to pay according to the area you paint. Painter demands different prices for interior and exterior, and it also varies from individual to individual.

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