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Your guide to painting your room like a pro

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Your guide to painting your room like a pro

Are you thinking of giving your living space a new lease of life? Well, interior decoration and remodeling is something everyone wishes for their precious castle. And all these remodeling starts with a dash of paint on the walls. Painting your walls is something that anyone can do without much help and achieve professional-level results. All you need is your guide to painting your room like a pro.

Let’s find out how to paint a wall yourself.

When the sun shines bright

Humid weather will not allow your artistry on the wall to dry quickly. Hence, check if it is a cloudy or rainy day and grab a coffee or a pint. Wait for the sun to shine bright so your paintwork dries on time and you can work ahead. If you have to paint on a humid day, you should slow down and work your way with each coat. Since the paint will not dry up fast, you can correct any mistakes before putting on the next coat. But you shouldn’t overdo it since it will show up once you’re done.

Plan ahead

Okay, the second thing you need to ensure is that you should have a plan or an image in your head how your walls should look like. It is not a compulsion that all your four walls should have the same color. You can pick two contrasting shades or three and pick one wall to be the prime one. And while you are brushing the second coat, look up on the roof if it needs a fresh look too.

Pick a color

Starting by going through paint books and fan decks can feel a little intimidating. There are too many shades to choose from and just four walls to paint. Relax; first, you need to figure out if you want cool or warm shades. Whether a saturated shade will work better or a neutral one? If you have furniture or painting, you need to assess if they will go with the color you chose. When you have decided on the look, pick some samples of two or three shades. Now, check out each hue individually on how they look at a different time of the day.

Prepare your wall

You have to check your wall for any cracks, peeling, or flaking. And when you find one, you need to sand or scrape the area well before beginning any painting job. Since the paint and primer are heavy, the new paint will weigh the old one down off the wall if you do not remove the existing paint. Sand the wall well and rinse any greasy spot with soap and water.

Your tools

When you buy high-quality paint, you also need high-quality tools to paint your walls well. Good pair of paintbrushes and roller covers will help you get that perfect look you imagined in your head. Also, remember to buy a painter’s tape as well.


There you go, guys! You are ready to start your painting project. But remember, it needs your complete attention and a hell of patience. So take your time to decide on various factors like budget, time, paint quality, color, etc. If you need expert help in Muncie, IN, check us out at

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