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Our Painter Services

Abstract Paint

Exterior Painting

They often say, 'don't judge a book by its cover.' Well, the presentation is the first thing to attract your eyes. Whether it’s a book cover or a visual of your favorite dish, it ought to be striking and exciting. The same goes for your house exterior. If you haven't refreshed your house with a splash of colors, it might appear similar to a haunted house. Perhaps you don't want that. For this, contact us and get your home or business painted with some fresh colors. Everyone who passes by will stop to  glance at your home. Our painter team will brighten up your exterior, and it will look as breathtaking as a sunset.

Abstract Surface

Interior Painting

As I walked into a house, looked into its bedrooms and lounge, it appeared as if I were walking around a museum. Good Lord! That's not how your house should look. It must be a place where you feel calm and relaxed. Well, that can be attained only if you brightened it up by giving it color. Looking for the best colors? We are at your service 24/7. Call us and get your house rejuvenated. We have a plethora of expert painters at your disposal. Your house walls will look refreshed and awestriking once we take over your walls and get them repainted. Feel free to contact us, considering the lack of comfort and ease , and we'll make it as fresh as a cucumber.

A reputable and popular painting company, Muncie Custom Painting Pros have a mission to transform and rejuvenate your business or home. You will receive fast, honest, and remarkable services wherever you need. Always ready to provide a number of services, our painters are equipped with professional skills to meet all requirements of every client. Every customer's satisfaction is the top priority at Muncie Custom Painting Pros, and that alone says a great deal about the dedication of our company. With high quality services, each painter will go above and beyond to offer the best results for each valued customer. 

Check it out! We offer a variety of services. From walls to fences, we will get them covered! Here's what we can do for you: Exterior Painting, Interior Painting including the Ceilings, Walls, and Trim, Door Painting, Accents and Logos, Staining and Varnishing Decks and Fences, Waterproofing, Cabinet Painting, Drywall Repair, Repairing Water Damage, and Wallpaper Removal.

Door Painting

Trends are changing. Gone are the days of doors just appearing as slabs of wood. People are now more into aesthetics and color. And you should be too! Just have a look at all the doors resting in your house. Don’t they bore you? Painting can be a big project, but we are here for you. If you'd rather have doors that make you smile when you look at them, get in touch with us, and we will make your doors look new and gleaming. Get your doors painted in no time and make your house brighter by adding fresh colors.

Abstract Liquid

Accents and Logos

Thinking of starting up your business or rebranding your current business? With initiating businesses, setting up creative logos is a primary thing to do. You don't want the public to see a dull eye sore of a logo representing your business. A logo that is exceptionally creative causing onlookers to drop their jaws in awe sounds like the way to go!  Call us for a revamped logo, and we guarantee, people will be attracted by it. So whether you want to design accents and logos for your new business or current one, we are here to turn your ideas into pieces of art.

Abstract Liquid
Abstract Aerial View with blue and brown

Decks and Fences

It's a bright sunny day perfect for soaking up the sun and relaxing in the backyard. As you head towards the backyard, you remember the dull and disappointing deck and fence. What a disaster! It should have been repainted a long time ago. The longer you wait, the worse it will get. Next thing you know, you'll be left with warped wood and will be forced to replace your fence and deck instead of just giving it a makeover. Contact  us for a replenished looking deck and fence before its too late!  Let us renovate your area! It will be worth it!

Gold Liquid Abstract

Drywall Repair

When we come out to paint your house, we will inspect your walls for damage first. Before we paint, we will patch up and smooth out any wall imperfections. So, that one time little Timmy kicked a hole through the drywall, or your furniture scratched beyond the layers of paint, or that time you stepped on a Lego and left a hole in the wall when you landed. Yea... great memories. Well, no need to fear, for we are here! Give us a call. We'll fix you right up!

Cabinet Painting

Take a look at your kitchen cabinets. What do you see? Worn finish, chips, tomato sauce from the spaghetti you made last month? Well, we have a solution for this! We can renovate this ugly old cabinets by touching up those chips, scrubbing off that tomato sauce, and replenishing the finish. Would a nice dark expresso look amazing?! Or maybe plain white or dark grey matches your countertops and backsplash. At any rate, we can put any color you want on your cabinets! Just give us a ring!

Abstract red and silver paint mixture.

Wallpaper Removal

Have you ever peaked under your carpet to catch a glimpse at what's underneath? I have. I was disappointed. I saw concrete. However, I saw a TV show with the same scenario. Underneath that yucky carpet was beautiful wood flooring!  How exciting, right?! Well, I'm not here to talk about your floors, but what I do want to know is what's under your wallpaper?! Do you have wallpaper from the 70's?  Is it ugly? I'm guessing yes. Give us a call, so together we can discover what's under your wallpaper! Maybe something surprisingly beautiful, maybe not. Either way, your walls will look 10x better by the time we are done with them. I dare you to find out! Triple dog dare! Go ahead. Call me. 

Abstract silver, black, tan, and blue paint mixture.
Two women standing in a room. One woman is holding up paint colored swatches against a wall to help the other woman decide was color she would like painted on the wall.
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